Team Leaderboard MX

Team internal player rankings across four statistical categories.

There are some rankings in which players love to be number one, and others that are feared like the plague. The Team Leaderboard widget is well-balanced and includes the best of both worlds, featuring two categories in which high scores have a positive effect on the strength of the team (goals and assists) and two categories in which high numbers usually cause worries with all stakeholders of a team (disciplinary cards and injuries).

In addition to the number of goals scored, the top goal scorers tab features the percentage of contribution to the team's total number of goals, a line chart displaying avg. goals per match throughout the season and the number of minutes in game it takes for the player to score a goal.

- Minutes per goal ratio is defined as minutes played divided by number of goals scored.
- Contribution is defined as player's goals scored (assists provided, cards collected) divided by total number of team goals scored (assists provided, cards collected).





Available Languages

Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swahili


No restrictions

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Widget Padding
Show or hide padding around the widget

Background Color
Change the background color of the widget

Background Layers
Options to use images to fill the background of the widget

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