Journalist Assistant

The perfect tool for journalists, content managers and bloggers to enhance editorial content with sports data visualisations.

Add sports data to your article in seconds

No technical knowledge needed

Journalist Assistant features a fast and intuitive search engine allowing you to choose suitable widgets from a web interface or Chrome extension and add them to your content within seconds.

Choose from a variety of easy-to-read visualisations focused on a season, match, team or player. The widgets can be displayed inline in your article, as a tooltip or inside a modal window.

Add widgets even faster with the new Auto Context

Simply paste your article into the editor and allow our context detection intelligence scan your article and recommend where widgets can be inserted. Choose which widgets should appear, and then copy and paste the text to your CMS.

Add incremental revenue with ad placements and odds integrations while increasing engagement with fan voting. Our new soccer media widgets come equipped to integrate sponsored content, programmatic advertising and affiliate bookmakers' odds.

What are you waiting for?

Journalist Assistant is a free to use with the purchase of any Widgets. The first step to get started is to make an order with the widgets you'd like to use.

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