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Available for the top five EU leagues, World Cup
and UEFA Champions League

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Widgets for all major soccer leagues
and tournaments around the world

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Our NFL widgets cover the basics to the advanced
and even include exclusive NFL Next Gen stats

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Showcase NBA data with visual NBA widgets
that update with live data

Graphically Enhanced Sports Data Widgets
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Built to be adapted easily and fast to your corporate design
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Responsive Design
Automatically adapt to mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes
Single or Bundle Widgets
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Flexible and customisable design for easy and cost-effective integration
Sportradar's Sports Data Widgets serve your users with a broad range of entertaining and uniquely designed online tools for the most popular sports in the world. The flexible and customisable design allows an easy and cost-effective integration across multiple media platforms.

Distinguished by unlimited customisation options, our sports data widgets enable you to create your own unique solutions. You can pick from a broad range of live data from top leagues like Premier league and Bundesliga to low level leagues like English National League. All widgets offer highest flexibility and are optimised for multiple media platforms to meet your user’s “access anywhere” expectations.

Widgets are available for three different sports
Live Match Trackers can now be found on their new page.
Next-Level sports data for your customers

Based on our deep data coverage of some of the world’s most popular sports leagues, our performance data Widgets present content that goes far beyond core sports data – like fixtures, line-ups or goals – and makes sports data analysis enjoyable for experts and casual fans alike.

Additional elements, such as passing or shooting accuracy data, or 1-on-1 duel performance, is taken into consideration. This gives your customers a detailed image of a specific athlete’s, or team’s, performance during a certain game or season.

Our Soccer Perfomance Widgets are available for the top European leagues, Premier League,Primera Division, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Champions League and the American Football Widgets run with our official NFL data which is powered by the NFL's Next Gen Statistics.

Seamless Ad and Odds Integration

Monetise the Widgets by integrating banner ads

We want to offer you a wide range of uses with our widgets. Therefore they are made to be an advertising channel for third parties. Our Widgets offer a simple possibility to display your sold banner ads directly next to the sports data content. 

Since offering one of the best sports data services in the market we provide you besides advertisement options the oppurtunity to integrate our odds in your personalized widgets. Of course you can also use odds of third party suppliers.

Get your Widgets in HTML or JavaScript

You can generate your Widgets in two different formats - HTML or JavaScript. While the HTML code can be used to directly place widgets in divs around the page, the JavaScript code is more flexible and allows you to let multiple widgets interact with each other.

In order to create your own individual widget design, you are also able to download a customised theme in a CSS file right from the Store. And you can make further changes in the file itself to apply it to your unique CI.

Have a look at the documentations in order to get more information.

Present Data Multilingual

All widgets present historical and live data in an appealing and intuitive design, ensuring sports fans have no need to visit competitor’s websites and stay longer on your site generating more clicks and revenue.

Moreover you can address almost every user group over the globe with our multilingual widgets which support up to 16 languages.

Including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Swahili.