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The catalogue quickly allows you to find the right widgets – no matter if your focus is a season, team, player, or match. Widgets feature pre, live and post match visualisation of key match data.

Step 2 - Select a data license and add to cart

For widgets that work across multiple leagues, you’ll be prompted to select a data license. The data license controls what competitions can be displayed in your widgets.

When you found everything you need, go to the cart and complete the checkout flow.

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At the end of the checkout, you'll be given a free 10-day trial if it's your first order. If you haven't already, you'll need to Register before the trial can begin.

In the My Products section you can find links to documentation and generate code. If you want to use the widgets inside editorial articles, keep reading below.

Want to use widgets in your editorial?

Without the need for technical know-how

Add sports data to your article in seconds

The Journalist Assistant tool is free to use with any order of Widgets and helps your editorial team add sports data visualisations to their articles.

The video to the rightbelow explains how to create your Journalist Assistant account after starting a widget trial, and shows different ways to add widgets to an article.

Customise and embed widgets into your website

Using Javascript, HTML & CSS

Created with modern web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – they're simple to use and easy to get up and running on your site in no time. Check out our Documentation pages to see how easy it can be.

If you want to link widgets together for added interactivity, check out our page on Correlations showing how this can be done.