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Following Juventus has never been easier, with a new and improved digital experience powered by Sportradar's Sports Data Widgets – completely in the style of their beloved ‘La Vecchia Signora’. Whether they want pre-match team comparisons or deep data game stats to discuss with their friends – no wish is left unfulfilled.

Through a typical fan user journey, we want to demonstrate exactly how our Sports Data Widgets can enrich digital fan experience.


A Champions League game with Juventus Turin

Meet Laura, she’s 25, a big Juventus fan who watches every home game live at the Juventus Stadium. Today, she’s looking forward to the Champions League semi final against AS Monaco. Sportradar’s content is with her every step of the way.

On her way to the match, Laura checks the team’s starting lineup within the Juventus mobile app. Quickly, and clearly, she can see who is in the team and the formation they’ll play.

Opening the Team Comparison Widget on Juventus’s mobile website lets her compare the crucial form of both teams.


After kick-off, the Sportradar Live Match Tracker gives her detailed information on the action she has seen, adding detail and context, including all the important statistics of the match so far.

Throughout the season she has been able to use the Live Match Tracker to follow all of the team’s away games, across all of the competitions including Serie A and the Champions League. All of the action is tracked in near-real time and she has been able to use the replay function to get more information on the crucial moments such as goals and red cards.


Back to the match, and Laura uses the Scoring Probability Widget, which helps to put the goal into context, giving her a sense of what action is likely to come for the rest of the match. Laura’s overjoyed to see, that Juventus is the most likely to score in the second half.


Once the game is over, Laura can receive a detailed recap of all the action with Sportradar’s Statistics Widget. Dissecting the game in forensic detail, the app lets her share all the important information with her friends across her social networks.


Before, during and after the game, Laura – and every fan just like her – regardless of club, league or competition, can rely on Sportradar widgets to ensure they are illuminated and entertained.

Personalised, branded and highly engaging, our customers – just like Laura – can access a wide range of detailed and relevant information to keep fans engaged, when they want, how they want, and wherever they are.

No matter which club, country or sport – give fans what they want!