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Looking to save time on development effort?

Display sports data on your site in minutes, complementing your content offering while increasing engagement and time on site


Build a modern sports page with little development effort

Whether you have a media site, club page or sports app – our widgets are designed to match the look-and-feel of your page while negating the time needed to build and maintain a modern sports site.


Unlock the future of sports editorial

InHabit delivers relevant interactive sports content (ƒactives™) to any article instantly — significantly boosting user-interaction, retention and session duration. Harness AI technology to deliver relevant, interactive content.

Journalist Assistant

Enhance your editorial content with sports data visualisations

The perfect tool for journalists, content managers and bloggers to find the right visualisation fast. Sportradar Journalist Assistant allows your editorial staff to insert widgets directly into their articles, increasing engagement on your site.

Live Match Tracker

Stimulate your audience with entertaining live action

Visualisations of live action, animations of key events and timely match stats will keep fans glued to screen – and on your site longer. Customise and add to your site within minutes, generating integration code directly from the demo.

What do you want to do with sports data?

Build something new

Stand out from the crowd with differentiated content using easy-to-consume data feeds to power your new creation

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Increase your inventory of monetisable content using a combination of our data driven products and services