Live Match Tracker Plus

The cricket Live Match Tracker Plus provides a unique live visualization of all the action on the field, keeping sports fans engaged with your digital platform as well as prolong session lengths, generate more clicks and boost revenue. Through our intuitive and responsive design, it works seamlessly across all devices.

With LMT plus you will get everything provided in the Essential with additional tabs featuring head to head information, scorecard, live statistics and lineup information all packaged in a plug and play fully customizable solution.

  • Fast and reliable
  • Scoreboard with run rate, runs per overs in the form of graphs
  • Tabs with head to head information, live statistics, scorecard, standings and lineups.
  • Animated ball-by-ball action
  • Animated birds-eye view of the pitch and hit ball tracking
  • Relevant statistics displayed right inside the tracker
  • Plug and play integration with plenty of customization options done through simple to use online interface.
  • Various customization options for theming / styling and branding





Available Languages


Available Options

Pitch Background Image
Url to the custom pitch image

Pitch Background Color
Custom pitch color

Ads Frequency
Set false to disable ads and 'frequent', 'basic' or 'light' for desired ads frequency.

Show Odds
If true, odds will be shown during the match. Otherwise, we'll display probabilities.

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