Live Match Tracker Plus

Besides all of the on-pitch action visualisations that LMT Essential offers, it further features match scoreboard, momentum, match timeline, head-to-head and standings information. All of these packaged into an intuitive and responsive design that works seamlessly across all devices and can take up as little or as much amount of space as desired.

Only looking for pitch visualisations? Then check out our Live Match Tracker Essential and play with the live demo to experience its features.

Besides all of the LMT Essential features like on-event court visualisations, LMT Plus additionally features:

  • Scoreboard (compact or extended),
  • Momentum (compact or extended)
  • 4 pre-defined widgets: H2H, statistics, standings and match timeline bellow the pitch
  • Enables three different layout options
  • All content in Live match tracker Plus is of fixed height – client content (such as odds or editorial content) is never pushed lower down the page.





Available Languages

Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swahili


No restrictions

Available Options

Pitch Noise
Show or hide Pitch Noise

Pitch Stripes
Show or hide Pitch Stripes

Pitch Overlay
Show or hide an overlay that highlights the pitch by adding slight dim to the borders of the pitch

Pitch Spotlights
Show or hide marks on the most used parts of the pitch (corners, center, penalty) and gives more realistic feel

Pitch Background Image
Url to the custom pitch image

Pitch Backgroung Color
Custom pitch color

Pitch Brand Background Color
Use the theme's primary color for pitch background

Pitch Light Style
Enable modifications for light pitch images/colors (dark pitch lines, ...)

Ads Frequency
Set false to disable ads and 'frequent', 'basic' or 'light' for desired ads frequency.

Show Odds
If true, odds will be shown during the match. Otherwise, we'll display probabilities.

Disbale Deeplink
If true, odds deeplinking will be disable and odds will not be clickable.

Event Stats
Show or hide statistics display on event

Footer Stats
Show or hide random footer statistics during live match

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