Live Match Tracker Essential

Live Match Tracker Essential visualises all of the match information (start time countdown, weather, stadium, location) and on-field action (passes, rushes, touchdowns, extra points, field goals, kick-offs, penalties and fumbles). Plays and yards gained in the current drive are updated live throughout the game.

  • Fast and reliable
  • Bird’s eye view for better action tracking
  • Out of the box integration for pre-match / live odds and advertisements
  • 256 regular season and 11 postseason games
  • Enhanced visualisation and statistics
  • Various customisation options for theming / styling, branding and advertising

The Live Match Tracker Essential comes with the American Football field visualisation and the information displayed on field. Need more features? Check out our Live Match Tracker Plus


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Available Languages


Available Options

Pitch Overlay
Show or hide an overlay that highlights the pitch by adding slight dim to the borders of the pitch

Pitch Background Image
Url to the custom pitch image

Pitch Background Color
Custom pitch color

Ads Frequency
Set false to disable ads and 'frequent', 'basic' or 'light' for desired ads frequency.

Show Odds
If true, odds will be shown during the match. Otherwise, we'll display probabilities.

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