Deliver relevant, interactive sports content (ƒactives™) to any article instantly — significantly boosting user-interaction, retention and session duration.

Unlock the future of sports editorial

Sport is a 24/7, always-on industry with fans actively seeking unique, compelling and fun digital content. InHabit is the answer to this demand, delivering engaging and relevant content to your editorial as seen below.

Say goodbye to fans aimlessly scrolling through articles and leaving the page within seconds having not engaged with your brand. Use ƒactives to build engagement and loyalty.

Test your audience's knowledge with clear visualisations of player performance, comparisons, and team rankings from the biggest leagues. Offer them a new, exciting and truly engaging piece of content built specifically for the UCL, EPL, Serie A, NBA, MLB, NFL and NCAA Football. See them all in the demo.

Let our ƒactives power your editorial engagement strategy
Streamline and Scale Editorial Workflows
Deliver relevant, interactive sports content to any article – instantly with one line of code
Harness AI Technology to Deliver Relevant Content
Content that understands the subject, context and overall sentiment of your articles
Increase Key Metrics for Your Articles
Significantly boost user-interaction, retention and session duration and gain a competitive edge
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