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Add sports data visualisations to your site – fast without a hassle

  • Save time on development
  • Match the look-and-feel of your website
  • Keep fans on-site longer

Build something new – with easy to consume sports data feeds

  • Stand out with differentiated content
  • Cover a wide range of sports
  • Rely on accurate data and 24/7 support

Increase revenues – efficiently, with built-in monetisable content

  • Unlock commercial opportunities
  • Increase incremental revenue
  • Monetise your sponsorship assets

Quickly and easily integrate sports data visualisations into your web experience

Whether you have a media site, club page or sports app – our widgets are designed to match the look-and-feel of your page while negating the time needed to build and maintain a modern sports site. Start a free 10-day trial today.

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Power your site with easy to consume feeds that set standard for speed and accuracy

The Sportradar API provides fastest and most reliable data flow with proven quality in all sport branches. We offer more than 50 different data endpoints across 40 sports.

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Capture your audience with visualisations of live action across 600+ competitions

Visualisations of live action, animations of key events and timely match stats will keep sports fans glued to screen – and on your site longer.

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