Cards Publishing Platform

Own the moment with real-time match updates

Real-time infographics in a mobile-friendly format
Save Time and Resources on Content Creation
Automate social content to publish within seconds of live action
Increase Social Engagement and Reach New Audiences
Publish to Facebook, Twitter and as sharable infographics on websites
Build Brand Awareness and Open Monetisation Opportunities
Control the look & feel with integrated branding and sponsor placement

It's not easy to create engaging real-time content during live sports events. Updating and publishing content to multiple social networks can be time-consuming. Many people just don't have the resources to keep up when every second matters

The Cards Publishing Platform allows you to publish bite-sized infographics to Facebook, Twitter, and your website - delivering content before, during, and after the match. With the ability to customise content days, hours or even minutes before the event, reaching your followers within seconds of live action has never been so easy.

Cards are available in multiple languages and features placement for custom creative. You'll save time and effort on content creation, creating a sizeable media inventory that can be monetised.

Customise and monetise your cards

It is easy to adjust the style to fit your brand. You can define font and colour scheme of your Cards. In addition to these customisation options Cards also offer great monetisation opportunities. There is a banner space at the top of the stream, and small logo space in the bottom left corner of each Card to promote own products or those of advertising partners. For Web Cards, the banner image can be hooked up to an ad server.


Cards are published when a specific "event" triggers them. Some events occur at specified times, while others occur based on actions in a match. Some events will always publish the same card, while others have multiple versions that could be published.

Cards Events
Frequently Asked Questions
What are Cards?

Cards are small infographics which are triggered automatically by certain events during sports event.

What is the difference between Cards and Widgets?

Even though Cards and Widgets look very similar they are different. Widgets present data as it currently is, the moment you view it. They are constantly updated, whereas Cards present data as a snapshot in time, the moment when the card was triggered. So basically a Card is like a screenshot of a widget.

What is the difference between Web and Twitter Cards?

The content of the infographics is the same. They are just published on different platforms. Twitter cards can be posted directly into your twitter feed. Web Cards are integrated into your website or native app.

Why should I buy cards?

Web Cards are designed to work well on mobile, so any company looking to enhance its mobile offering (web or app) may find them useful. The so called Web Cards can be shared from the website or app to Twitter or Facebook, and actually show the data associated with them in a link preview. This link brings social media users to your website.

Twitter Cards integrate live sports data into your social content, and can be completely automated. This can free up demand on social media teams. You may include match-specific links in the tweet text to drive traffic from social media to your website.

Both Web and Twitter cards have advertising integration built in.

League and team subscription

Subscribe to leagues or teams and select the matches that matter to you. League subscriptions give you access to all matches in that competition. Team subscriptions give you access toa all matches in that competition.

We offer coverage for 40+ soccer competitions, NBA basketball, and most major T20 and ODI cricket series and leagues.